There are three ways to provide feedback to improve the quality of this site: 1) by submitting general suggestions to the editor; 2) by suggesting edits to existing posts/pages; or 3) by recommending new items either directly through the site or through social bookmarking sites such as CiteULike.

Alternatively, any member of the Committee on Health Politics (COHP) or APSA Organized Section for Health Politics and Policy (OSHPP) is welcome to become a co-editor on this site and make such improvements directly.

General Suggestions

Please leave general suggestions about format/layout or how to make the site more useful to the health politics, policy and law community at the About page.

Suggestions for Edits to Existing Posts/Pages

Any corrections or improvements regarding a specific post on the Home page or any of the individual pages should be left in the comments section found at the bottom of each post and page.

Suggestions for New Items

New Posts. All daily posts are found on the Home page, which itself has no Comments section.  Please do not leave suggestions for new posts as comments on existing posts, but instead use the comments section of the About page to contact the editor directly.

New Material on Standing Pages.  If you have a suggestion for new material to add to any other page on this site, please use the Comments section at the bottom of the page, as this will avoid confusion about where you think new material should be placed.

Social Bookmarking.

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