NN13 Fellowships/Internships

Kaiser.edu maintains a continuously updated Policy Fellowships database that summarizes and links to more than 200 fellowships and internships in health policy and related fields. The database includes fellowships located across the United States that are available to undergraduates, graduate students, and professionals. Searches can be performed based on educational level, geographic location, whether the opportunity is paid or unpaid, or by keyword.

Another excellent on-going resource is a Funding Opportunities database continuously updated by the Duke University Office of Research Support. This searchable database lists Postdoctoral fellowships and Graduate and Professional Student fellowships. Searches can be done by discipline and the results sorted by deadline date, sponsoring organization or fellowship amount.

A comprehensive source of health policy-related internships and fellowships in the public and private sector can be found at the Duke Health Policy
Employment, Fellowships and Internships page. It includes internships in federal agencies,
those related to Congress, policy research organizations, and minority internships.

AcademyHealth maintains a short list of Scholarships and Fellowships.

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