The Planned Obsolescence of ObamaCare

From the very beginning, I have argued that ObamaCare was ultimately designed to fail. Its basic contradiction is that it was founded on a fundamental hostility toward the entire idea of health insurance, which Obama and the Democrats view as inherently parasitical. Yet the Affordable Care Act is a scheme to require mandatory, universal purchase of the very product they despise.How do you square that circle? Simple. ObamaCare mandated and subsidized the purchase of health insurance, but on terms that obviously made it unfeasible over the long term. Obama did so on the presumption that Democrats would be able to come back later and blame the fiasco on those greedy private insurers, then go for what they really wanted all along: a “public option” modeled on Medicare, as a further stepping stone toward “single payer,” i.e., socialized medicine.

Source: The Planned Obsolescence of ObamaCare

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