Sasse Steps Up | The Weekly Standard

Sasse’s proposal is helpful to the cause of repeal in a number of ways:

First, it takes pressure off of Republican governors and state legislators, many of whom, in the absence of a proposal along these lines, could reliably be counted upon to cave and set up state-based Obamacare exchanges.  Such state-based exchanges would prevent people from being left high and dry as a result of a Supreme Court ruling that the Obama administration has been lawlessly paying out the subsidies (through federal exchanges) on which these people are counting.  But setting up such state-based exchanges would entail a massive Republican expansion of Obamacare that must be avoided.  Sasse’s proposal helps to avoid that.

Second, it wouldn’t “fix” Obamacare.  It makes no effort to reform it or make it more market-based.  It offers tax credits apart from it to help transition people off of it.

Third, it helps remove the temptation for Republican congressional leaders to negotiate “fixes” to Obamacare with Obama.  Such “fixes” are the likely price that congressional leadership would demand in exchange for turning Obamacare’s subsidies back on.  But Republicans shouldn’t be in the businesses of “fixing” Obamacare; they should be in the business of repealing it and replacing it with a conservative alternative.  Negotiating “fixes” is the worst thing they could do — far worse than turning the subsidies back on temporarily in exchange for nothing.  Sasse’s bill helps prevent the “fix it” caucus from taking the lead.

via Sasse Steps Up | The Weekly Standard.

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