Obamacare: Stay Focused on Full Repeal

Those in Congress who, like me, oppose Obamacare cannot sit by and let the governors twist in the wind. We must help them do the principled thing while helping those most affected by the administration’s illegal actions. We cannot let Obamacare expand geographically by setting up state exchanges, nor can we extend Obamacare’s unlawful subsidies. The former would rubber-stamp Obamacare state-by-state and the latter would baptize the unlawful actions of the Obama administration.

If Congress extends Obamacare by keeping the subsidies, it would be raising taxes by reinstituting the individual mandate for those freed by the Court’s decision and by resurrecting the employer mandate. Governor Bobby Jindal (R., La.) made this point recently on National Review Online when he wrote that “restoring the flow of subsidies means restoring the employer mandate, thus raising taxes.” He is absolutely right that we cannot restore the flow of Obamacare subsidies and the associated taxes and mandates.

via Obamacare: Stay Focused on Full Repeal.

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