Dear Republicans, Please Do Not Save Obamacare

Of course, there’s little chance Democrats would help pass Sasses’ 18-month plan. More likely, they will unite behind a plan that subsidizes those in states without contrived Obamacare “marketplaces” in perpetuity. Obama would not. Who knows who the next president will be? If Republican governors take whatever ensuing payoff is offered by the administration, they would either pay a price politically or not. The GOP should not be the one offering it.

If Obamacare crumbles, there will be immense political pressure on both sides. Democrats will continue to argue that a failure to give something to Americans is the equivalent of taking something away from them.  And at some point conservative have to come up with compelling rejoinder to this argument.  They can do it now, or later. What they shouldn’t do is make the Democrats’ arguments for them.

via Dear Republicans, Please Do Not Save Obamacare.

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