Be Prepared | The Weekly Standard

Such credits should form the foundation of the GOP response to a King decision. Republicans should advance legislation that effectively allows states to opt out of Obamacare’s entire regulatory and subsidy structure and into a far simpler and more flexible system that points in the opposite direction: toward a competitive, consumer-centered marketplace for coverage. In that system, state residents not offered health coverage by their employers could receive a federally funded, age-based credit for the purchase of any state-approved health-insurance product​—​including those bought outside of any exchange and regardless of whether they meet Obamacare’s coverage requirements. Anyone who remained continuously insured in this system would be shielded from higher premiums or exclusion from coverage based on a preexisting condition, giving consumers a strong incentive to buy coverage without a mandate to do so. And all other insurance regulation would be up to the states.

via Be Prepared | The Weekly Standard.

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