Approaching ObamaCare with humility | TheHill

Perhaps what is needed is not an alternative national system at all. ObamaCare’s serial pratfalls have led millions to question the federal government’s capacity to administer the law. A judicial smackdown five years after the law’s enactment will reinforce the view that Washington can’t get out of its own way on healthcare.

Republicans should embrace this sentiment and argue that healthcare is too important to be entrusted to the people who brought us ObamaCare. They should advocate that governors be empowered to advance alternative ways of expanding coverage, springing them from ObamaCare’s take-it-or-leave-it trap.

Congressional Republicans could accomplish this by advancing a bill to provide capitated allotments to states that would be based on the amount of refundable tax credits that its residents received during 2014. To qualify for an allotment, a state would be required to develop a plan for providing affordable coverage to low-income residents and those with pre-existing conditions. Each state would decide how best to achieve these objectives, with the results subject to rigorous evaluation.

via Approaching ObamaCare with humility | TheHill.

One Response to Approaching ObamaCare with humility | TheHill

  1. Bob Hertz says:

    Thanks for another good post.

    I am kind of fascinate by those who want to shut down the ACA and offer nothing new.

    Who are these folks?

    a. libertarians

    b. those who hate Obama, closet racists

    c those how lost cheap individual insurance

    d. Republican politicos ;like Jindal on the make

    e, seniors who think that the ACA hurts them

    This sounds a little sarcastic, but read the Mother Jones article on the actual plaintiffs in the King suit. Pretty shabby!

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