Webinar: King v. Burwell: Debating the Future of the ACA

Another high-stakes challenge to the ACA is headed to the Supreme Court, and this time it’s a question of statutory interpretation: does the law as written permit tax credits to be issued in states that aren’t running their own exchanges? At risk is affordable coverage in as many as 37 states where millions of exchange shoppers may have to decide whether to pay the full, unsubsidized premiums or go uncovered. As we await oral arguments in March, legal experts are hotly debating the likely outcome, while many wonder what can be done to keep people covered.

This webinar featured a point-counterpoint debate of the key issues in King v. Burwell:

the legal foundation of the case and predictions for the decision based on judicial perspectives and precedents

what a ruling for the plaintiff would mean for the viability of ACA, as well as for consumers, hospitals, health plans and states

ways Congress, states and HHS might try to ensure access to subsidized coverage, and whether these fixes seem feasible

via Webinar: King v. Burwell: Debating the Future of the ACA.

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