Plans for Medicare payment overhaul receive mixed reviews

Scott Becker, JD, CPA, publisher of Becker’s Hospital Review and chairman of the healthcare department at McGuireWoods, recognizes the serious outcomes the overhaul may have. “I think if this happens it will have a draconian effect on all small and mid-size hospitals, health systems and providers.” he says. “The largest providers, who can absorb the changes and take on population health, will fare fine. The small and mid-size providers will face further harm from such substantial changes in payment methods. They are already struggling to survive. Actions like this heavily favor the larger systems and are grist for more consolidation.”

Concerning HHS’ plan, Mr. Becker also says, “This may in part be a political salve aimed at getting more providers interested in a single-payer system — i.e. Medicare for all. Most mid-size and small providers would anticipate serious negative consequences from the approach set forth by CMS and might view a single-payer system as a good alternative to this. It reminds me of the old adage about hitting someone over the head. If you hit them for long enough, they say thank you for stopping here. This plan is another shot across the bow at smaller and mid-size providers of all types. They may just be thankful to stop being hit.”

via Plans for Medicare payment overhaul receive mixed reviews.

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