Why Don’t Republicans Have An Alternative To Obamacare? – Forbes

Here is a way forward that gets the policy right as well as the language:

Fairness: Replace all the Obamcare mandates and subsidies with a universal tax credit that is the same for everyone and is generous enough to pay for Medicaid-like insurance.

Choice: Let the market, not government determine what benefits will be included in private insurance coverage.

Universality: Send some portion of unclaimed credits back to local safety net institutions to be used in case the uninsured cannot pay their medical bills.

Patient power: Replace all the medical savings accounts with a fully flexible Roth Health Savings Account (after-tax deposits and tax free withdrawals).

Opportunity: Give everyone on Medicaid the opportunity to choose private insurance instead.

Real insurance: Denationalize and deregulate the exchanges and allow real insurance with real protection for pre-existing conditions.

via Why Don’t Republicans Have An Alternative To Obamacare? – Forbes.

One Response to Why Don’t Republicans Have An Alternative To Obamacare? – Forbes

  1. Bob Hertz says:

    the first four themes in your posting are great, thank you.

    The last two are puzzling.

    a. choosing private insurance over Medicaid

    Assume that the Medicaid recipient gets a voucher of about $3000 a year to choose private insurance.
    For that, depending on age, he/she might get a private plan with a $2500 deductible.
    Would a sane person choose a $2500 deductible over Medicaid with a zero deductible?

    b. real insurance regarding pre-existing conditions

    I am in the insurance business. ‘Real companies’ deny pre-existing conditions very eagerly, and need to keep from losing big money.
    Curious as to what alternative you have in mind.

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