‘Healthy Utah’ Obamacare Expansion: Worse Than Expected

Gov. Herbert has consistently said that he is “trying to make lemonade” out of Obamacare lemons by crafting a “Utah-specific” plan. Rather than making lemonade, the Governor appears to have been drinking the Obamacare Kool-Aid. The “Utah-specific” plan is nothing more than old policy failures copied-and-pasted from other states.

Herbert’s “Utah-specific” idea of using health plans sold on the Obamacare exchange to provide this new entitlement class with Medicaid benefits is copied from Arkansas and Iowa, where the policy has been a failure. In Arkansas, costs have run over budget every single month and state lawmakers are poised to repeal the plan. In Iowa, state bureaucrats have already asked for more money from Washington and had to move thousands of adults out of the waiver and into traditional Medicaid after half of the participating insurers hiked premiums 20 percent and dropped out of the plan.

His other “Utah-specific” ideas were also recycled from these failed experiments: the idea to impose nominal, non-enforceable “premiums?” Taken from Iowa and Pennsylvania. The idea to have a completely voluntary work assistance program? Taken from Pennsylvania and Indiana. If Utah lawmakers were hoping for a “Utah-specific” plan, they’re sure to be disappointed.
via ‘Healthy Utah’ Obamacare Expansion: Worse Than Expected.

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