Halbig: Another Expert View | Online Library of Law & Liberty

On December 24, 2009, the wretched PPACA child was spawned by the U.S. Senate in the wee morning hours, with not a vote to spare. In January 2010, Senator Brown was elected to Ted Kennedy’s former seat, depriving the Democrats of a filibuster-proof majority. Whereupon a bunch of experts, including the aforementioned gentlemen, sent a letter to the House leadership, urging them to pass the Senate bill, warts and all. Best we can get, they said, and too important to be renegotiated. Details can be fixed through reconciliation which did take place but conspicuously did not address the Halbig issue. Pass it.

The letter merits re-reading for its unctuous tone; for the “experts’” preposterous proposition that the ACA would or even sought to create “functioning insurance markets”; and for the light it sheds on this latest round of unsolicited expert advice. In this country, we usually follow the laws that Congress did enact, not some blowhard’s latter-day reconstruction. In 2010, they begged for an imperfect bargain; now, they want it back.

via Halbig: Another Expert View | Online Library of Law & Liberty.

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