Reinventing Health Care: The Barriers to Innovation | The Aspen Institute

February 28, 2012

Reinventing Health Care: The Barriers to Innovation

Friday, March 2, 2012 – 9:00am to 1:00pm

Washington, DC

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Brown gets no promise of federal help for Medi-Cal –

February 28, 2012

Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius on Sunday threw cold water on Gov. Jerry Brown’s plan to ask California’s poor to contribute to their federally subsidized healthcare — payments the governor has proposed to save the state more than $500 million a year.

Brown met with Sebelius for 45 minutes in Washington, where he renewed his pitch for more flexibility in how the state handles Medi-Cal, its health-insurance program for the poor. The governor wants co-pays from recipients for emergency-room visits as well as routine trips to the doctor and dentist, beginning in October.

“Everybody has to have some skin in the game,” Brown said of his co-pay plan. “For some people, they’re so destitute that’s impossible. OK, I understand that. But … I think there’s a wiser path than the one we’re on.”

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Medicaid Cuts Rile Doctors –

February 27, 2012

A plan by Washington state’s Medicaid agency to stop paying for certain emergency-room visits is prompting pushback from hospitals and doctors, who say they will be stuck with bills for vital care they often are legally required to provide.

The new cuts, set for April 1, focus on about 500 diagnoses including common infections, mild burns, strains and bruises. If an enrollee comes to an emergency room and is diagnosed with one of these conditions, the Washington Medicaid program won’t pay the hospital and doctors.

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Poll: Sharp split on health care repeal – Print View

February 27, 2012

Americans are deeply divided over whether a Republican president should repeal President Barack Obama’s health care law if elected this November, a new poll Monday shows, although the vast majority of those surveyed believe the individual mandate is unconstitutional.

Gallup found that 47 percent of Americans want a GOP president to repeal the law, while 44 percent oppose that.

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Contraception Conundrum — The American Magazine

February 23, 2012

What makes the contraception coverage debate currently raging in Washington unusually problematic is that both sides are exactly right. Female employees who receive part of their cash compensation in the form of health benefits have the right to benefits that include FDA-approved birth control methods. Employers defined by their religious values—not just churches, synagogues, and mosques, but also thousands of hospitals, universities, and charities—should not have to compromise those values with their own money, and the government has no right to trample the First Amendment by compelling them to do so. The Obama administration’s “accommodation” last week—shifting the new federal requirement to the insurers who administer those organizations’ health plans—is a cynical shell game that ignores the most basic tenets of business accounting.

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Bad cuts in Obama’s global health budget « The Enterprise Blog

February 22, 2012

One wonders what those working in the U.S. malaria program must think when their stellar work is rewarded with cuts, while corrupt multilaterals get more funding. European leaders may publicly applaud Obama’s support of these multilateral initiatives, but secretly they’ll be pleased that Obama is bailing them out.

Conservatives in Congress should demand no increase in the budget to the Global Fund (and a 50 percent cut if Global Fund doesn’t properly address the corruption problems), rather than the increase Obama proposes.

Congressional conservatives should also, as a sign of their desire to assist the less fortunate, demand the reinstatement of the U.S. government’s desired malaria budget and an increase in the TB budget. They can do this, save more lives, and cut the budget more than Obama proposes.

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The hidden danger of fake and substandard medicines – Health – AEI

February 22, 2012

My upcoming book “Phake: The Deadly World of Falsified and Substandard Pharmaceuticals” (Rowman & Littlefield, 2012) is the result of a seven year investigation into the deadly world of ineffective medicines, which kill between 100,000 to a million people every year. The wide-ranging estimates show how little we know about the extent of the problem. In some cases the medicines are poorly made by inattentive or negligent manufacturers, in others, faux products containing chalk or road paint are sold by criminal gangs as life-saving hypertensives, antibiotics or TB medicines.

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