Health Centers: An Overview and Analysis of Their Experiences With Private Health Insurance

February 10, 2008

Peter Shin, Brad Finnegan, Jessica Sharac and Sara Rosenbaum. Health Centers: An Overview and Analysis of Their Experiences With Private Health Insurance. Washington, DC: KCMU Policy Brief, Publication No. 7738, February 6, 2008.  Full text (pdf)

A new policy brief provides an overview of community health centers, with a particular focus on the relationship between health centers and the private health insurance system.  The analysis of 10 years of national data shows that health centers do not receive sufficient reimbursement from private insurers to cover the costs of treating commercially insured patients, challenging their ability to provide access to care for low-income patients.

How Non-Group Health Coverage Varies with Income

February 10, 2008

Kaiser Family Foundation. How Non-Group Health Coverage Varies with Income. Washington, DC: KFF Paper prepared by Paul Jacobs and Gary Claxton. February 2008. Full report (pdf)

With some federal and state policy makers considering ways to encourage more people to purchase non-group, or individual, health care coverage, an analysis by Kaiser researchers released this week examines how often people at different income levels buy such insurance when they do not have access to benefits through an employer or a public program. The analysis finds that relatively few people at lower incomes purchase non- group coverage, with one in 20 purchasing it among those with incomes at the federal poverty level ($18,660 for a family of four in 2003 dollars). As income increases, the coverage rate grows, though even at four times the poverty level, only about a quarter of individuals without access to alternative coverage purchased non-group coverage.

Medicaid: Overview and Impact of New Regulations

February 10, 2008

Kaiser Commission on Medicaid and Uninsured. Medicaid: Overview and Impact of New Regulations. Washington, DC: KCMU, Issue Brief prepared by Robin Rudowitz, January 2008. Full report (pdf)

In the past year the Bush Administration has moved forward with significant changes to the Medicaid program via rule-making. Taken together, six new regulations could result in an estimated $12 billion reduction in federal Medicaid spending over the next five years according to the regulatory impact statements prepared by Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. This brief focuses on the six new regulations that have been the source of considerable controversy and explains current policy, the proposed regulatory changes as well as the impact and issues with these changes.

Tutorial on Health Care and the 2008 Election

February 10, 2008

Tutorial on Health Care and the presents a new narrated slide tutorial on health care and the 2008 election by Claudia Deane, associate director of public opinion and media research at the Kaiser Family Foundation.  The tutorial uses Kaiser’s regular surveys taken throughout the campaign to examine public concerns about health care affordability, views on different policy approaches, trends in which issues the public wants presidential candidates to talk about, and how views vary by party identification. is an online resource for faculty and students from the Kaiser Family FoundationTutorial

Do Individual Mandates Matter?

February 10, 2008

Linda J. Blumberg, John Holahan. Do Individual Mandates Matter? Washington, DC: Urban Institute. January 29, 2008. Summary (html) Full report (pdf)

In this brief we conclude that, absent a single payer system, it is not possible to achieve universal coverage without an individual mandate. The evidence is strong that voluntary measures alone would leave large numbers of people uninsured. Voluntary measures would tend to enroll disproportionate numbers of individuals with higher cost health problems, creating high premiums and instability in the insurance pools in which they are enrolled, unless further significant government subsidization is provided. The government would also have difficulty redirecting current spending on the uninsured to offset some of the cost associated with a new program without universal coverage.

Third National Pay for Performance Summit

February 10, 2008

Third National Pay for Performance Summit
Integrated Healthcare Association Event
February 27-29, 2008
Los Angeles, CA

Human Organs for Sale?

February 10, 2008

Human Organs for Sale?
Cato Institute Policy Forum
Thursday, February 21, 2008, 12:00 p.m. (Lunch included)
Washington, DC