The “State” of Cervical Cancer Prevention in America – 2008

Women in Government. The “State” of Cervical Cancer Prevention in America – 2008. Washington, DC: 2008.

This report is Women In Government‘s fourth annual review of state efforts to eliminate cervical cancer. This year’s report illustrates the many ways that individuals working to fight cervical cancer have turned challenges into opportunities to advance prevention efforts and raise awareness about HPV and its link to cervical cancer. The American Cancer Society predicted that 11,150 cases of invasive cervical cancer would be diagnosed in 2007 and about 3,670 women would die from the disease-a high toll from a disease that is preventable with routine screening. However, new technologies are allowing healthcare providers and public health officials to get the upper hand. Two vaccines- Gardasil®, currently available, and CervarixTM, which is under FDA review-offer the possibility of a generation of women who will not know cervical cancer. In addition, the HPV test is providing women and doctors with much greater screening accuracy than the Pap test alone in identifying cervical changes that may lead to invasive cancer. The report provides individual profiles of state actions to address cervical cancer, a “report card” on progress and summary tables in appendices that permit easy comparison across states. Full report (pdf)

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